All of our cakes and pastries are crafted completley from scratch with a light brown, unbleached sugar cane and gmo-free unbleached flour which gives our baked goods a unique flavor and richness. When properly used with the right ratio of fat and sugar, unbleached flour yields a tender, nutty flavor unlike overly processed, bleached flour that leaves a bland and dry feel in the palate. We always use real ingredients that are made fresh with out artificial flavors and preservatives.

We spend a majority of our time in the kitchen baking and cooking our signature fillings and modified European-style, meringue buttercreams before we detail and garnish with hand made confections and toppings. You might notice we do not use shortening as a frosting base, our fillings are creamier and not as gritty-sweet like most American-style buttercreams. We love to create new recipes that bring the best of both Western and European methods together, like nothing you’ve tasted before!

photo by Choate House / The Round House Bakery 2018

photo by Choate House / The Round House Bakery 2018

Please note: We do not add preservatives, artificial flavors or food colors so pastries are best served with in 2 days.

Shop our signature menu 24/7 in the link below and let us know how we can help you with your order! Visit our menu page above for more information on our ordering process. If you have any difficulty shopping online, feel free to order by phone or email any time Mon-Saturday 9am-8pm

Every order is beautifully crafted and packaged with care. If you would like your item gift wrapped or an additional delivery quote, please include a message with your order notes or email kayla@theroundhousebakery.com


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