Photo by Rachel Photographs 

Photo by Rachel Photographs 

Welcome to my kitchen    

       Well, more like my two kitchens, one that we built in our pre-existing garage, converted into a catering studio, and one in our personal home space.  We live in a geodesic dome we have always referred to as "the round house."  The dome house renovation is a long story we began in 2009 and a slow work in progress. 

 Most of my life, I have been baking with organic and unbleached ingredients.  I grew up in a big family that made everything fresh from scratch, gardened, farmed on a small scale . I learned to enjoy cooking foods from every culture and trying new things at a young age and suppose that will never grow out of me.  To this day I still I love experimenting, creating and working together in the kitchen with my family.

The Round House Bakery began as a fundraising street side bake sale and grew into a full time wedding and catering studio.  As our business grew my vision also grew to reach bakers  on a personal level instead of running a full time bakery.    

I am excited to finally share from the bits of what I have learned in this journey of natural baking, uncover myths and secrets for some of my staple recipes.  I truly believe "natural" baking tastse so much better and is so much easier to grasp if you are fully equipped with the right recipes and directions.  I will personally share some of my own methods that I've developed with moisture/flavor control in unbleached baking that brings back the lost natural flavors in baked goods that commonly made with bleached flour and sugar cane.   I am inspired by both American and European recipes and developed my own hybrids that bring together the best of both methods.   We will also explore natural alternatives for food allergies, artificial food colors and flavors.   I am even more excited about our workshops that will bring our local community of bakers together regardless of your method so that you can take away whatever you want to learn and apply it to your home or bakery! 

Love and peace,

Kayla Peters

Our website is currently under construction and being updated in the meantime. Our workshop studio is reopening in 2018!    Dates to be announced. 

Email: for inquiries, collaborations or workshops you would like to see!