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Hi I'm Kayla, self taught unbleached pastry artist and foodie! 

I was born in Okc, Oklahoma, moved around the US with my homeschooling family of 10  in Mennonite communities most of my life where I spent a lot of my time cooking in the kitchen under the supervision of my organic, anti-sugar mom patrol!  Thanks to her I am an expert at sneaking chocolate behind her back and know about every item in the supplement department at Whole Foods. 

 When I was a teenager I studied horticulture and volunteered in greenhouses in Lancaster County, Pa. When we moved back to Oklahoma I ran my family truck farm business and we sold at farmers market a few years. I grew potted plants and cut flowers and had some really sweet memories braving the wild mid west weather.

  I am now married to my best friend for a life changing, **9 years!*** He is the world's most hard working, patient daddy and backbone to this business. He is now a full time nursing student following his dream! (also talented trim carpenter part time!) My vision for the bakery was to support us while he was preparing for nursing school and be able to work from home.

We have 3 beautiful babies Keith, 8; Chloe, 6 and baby Jax and they keep us on a marathon of slime-making, you-name-it crafts, paper airplanes and acrobat wanna-bes that call for band aids and kissing bruises. Keith has mastered the basketball in a hoop- on a moving rip stick stunt and is a talented cartoon artist, piano guy in the making.  Chloe is a singer-dancer-rainbow loving artist, and Jax has all sorts of hidden magic tricks in his diaper. 

  When I'm not baking, I am washing a never ending pile of dishes (side effect from being a foodie) currently learning everything I can about writing music, keeping my past-life garden skills alive and planning another party when I should be sleeping. I am trying to slow things down a bit and be more intentional about resting after an adrenal crash at 18. I feel my best staying hydrated, eating lots of veggie proteins. I've been on a long process of healing and recovery.  

  When my husband gets out of school we dream of  traveling the world on volunteer medical trips and renting our dome as an air bnb while we are gone.   

I'm so thankful for this local community, my family and church community that makes it possible to do what I can do.   I'm thankful to God for his goodness and speaking life and sweet dreams to me during my darkest nights.

I'm currently taking a little break from the full time wedding scene to focus on our newborn and host workshops on the side.   I love talking all things food and you can read more about our little bakery on the workshop page!

photo by Rachel Photographs